Welcome to New Dam Publishing

The Publishing department of New Dam is a Speculative Fiction for both the English (publishing) and Dutch (uitgeverij) languages. We focus on providing you with amazing stories and fictional worlds. Many, many books will come in the future to satisfy your bookworm hearts and needs!

Our Mission

New Dam’s mission is about making this world a better and more magical place, by making an impact on individuals. To get to this, we aspire to; inspire, motivate and uplift them to live a more fulfilling and magic-filled life – and create a lasting, positive effect on everyone around them. We believe that one person is able to change the world for the better, by creating a rippling effect. Both through their own life and fictional worlds.

Never stop believing, because everything is possible! Join us behind the Dam of New Dam and together we’ll only let through the good to defeat the bad! Let’s start living our most magical and dreamy lives! 


If you have any questions, please get contact us through Instagram, Facebook or Email: newdampublishing@gmail.com